Dress Like Quinn Fabray

Hello, fashionistas.

We’ve done Rachel, we’ve done Brittany, now it’s time for the Queen Bee. That’s right, Quinn Fabray. From being in the cheerios to having a baby, there is absolutely nothing this stylish chick can’t do. Quinn knows what’s she wants and she get’s it no matter what, so we are going to help you get her look.

 Okay, that’s enough! Quinn’s style is put together and proper. It’s very elegant and consists of cardigans, maxi skirts, cropped jeans, ballet flats, crosses (it’s just her religion!), romantic dresses, headbands and clips. Quinn is the perfect image of what your father would want you to wear; covered, clean and classy.

 Start your look off with a short-sleeved, pale colored, romantic dress with lace and/or a flirty bow. This dress is absolutely perfect. urbanoutfitters.com, 79.00

Curl your hair, run through it with your fingers to make nice waves, and get a nice bow or headband and push it through your hair. It’ll give you that innocent and delicate look. anthropologie.com, 28.00

These not-too-pricey pair of ballet flats are great for our Quinn outfit! It comes in more colors and its great for winter. nordstrom.com, 78.95

And that’s your Quinn-Inpired look! Hope you enjoyed this post! Coming up are Fall Trend alerts, Saying Goodbye to Your Summer, and more! We wish you all good luck in school this week if you haven’t already began!

love always,



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