School Must-Haves

Hello, fashionistas.

Either you are in school now, or you are going to be soon, so you need to have all the necessities in your bag. “What necessities?” you may ask. Keep on reading to find out how to remain fashionable, chic and organized.

Part 1 – Makeup

You should always keep a cute little makeup bag in your locker for those bathroom makeup checks. Here’s what should go in the bag:

– Lip gloss. Even if your hair is full of flyaways or you didn’t have time to put on any other makeup, lip gloss will make you look fresh, happy and pretty. Have a neutral beige-y pink color to make your face really glow.

– Concealer. You never know when a pimple is going to pop up, and you don’t want to be walking around all day with one.

– Mascara. A little mascara touch-up will make your eyes look bright and alert, even if you stayed up a little too late last night doing homework at the very last minute. (Hey – we’ve all been there!)

– Deodorant. You don’t want to walk around all day smelling like sweat, and everyone forgets to put it on sometimes.

– Hairspray. Whenever you get those bothersome flyaways or a baby-curl pops up just whip out your hairspray. No, don’t bring your huge bottle of Big Sexy Hair to school, bring a mini one.

– Under-eye de-puffer. Getting ready for school isn’t easy, you obviously skip some steps. Get a mini, roll-on, eye de-puffer so you won’t look like a monster every morning.

That’s all you really need. If you’re like us and you j’adore makeup, you can always keep more makeup than that. Those are just the necessities.

Part 2 – Organization

The number 1 school supply item is constantly forgotten. This is a day planner. Not only do you have to keep track of homework, projects, tests and quizzes, but most of you do other activities outside of school too. The best way to always be organized and on time is to write down any important event or deadline into a planner. Here is our favorite one:

Yes, this is by Lilly Pullitzer and yes, it is adorable. You can get this at, which is an online store run by two amazing YouTube beauty gurus, AllThatGlitters21 and JuicyStar07. Not only is it totally chic, but covers August, 2011 through December, 2012 so you will be set for a long time.

Part 3 – Locker

Your locker is the place that you always go back to. It holds all of your books and school items, and you will spend a long, long time there. Here are some important things you should have in your locker:

– Locker mirror. Okay, it sounds superficial, we know. But how else are you going to know if your hair has slid out of place or your mascara is smudged? You won’t always have time to run to the bathroom with your handy-dandy makeup kit, but you can at least have a quick fix-it in your locker mirror.

– Magnetic pencil holder. These are little containers that will stick to your locker door. No matter how hard you try, you are always going to run out of pens and pencils in class. You should always keep this container full so that if you are about to go take a test and realize that your pencil case is empty, you can simply grab one from here and be good to go.

– Magnetic dry-erase board and markers. Not only are these fun for when your friends write cute little notes, but you can write yourself important reminders, too. You can either have it inside your locker or on the outside so that people can write notes and such. However, having it on the outside runs the risk of people knocking it down or stealing it.

That’s all for now! Hopefully we could help you all out. Honestly, we personally will be taking this advice. We realize some of these items could cost you some money, but remember buy whatever you can afford. It’s a great idea to always be prepared for whatever comes.




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