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All About Nails

Hello, fashionistas. This post is all about nails. What nail colors you should be wearing, what shape you should file them into, and even the decors you can put on them. This post is ALL ABOUT NAILS! We will be … Continue reading

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Marc Jacobs

Hello, fashionistas. One of our favorite brands is Marc Jacobs. Their clothing is unique, yet wearable; bold, yet simple. These are some outfits that we love and are sure you will too. The first section of these pictures are from … Continue reading

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Hello, fashionistas. For all fashion lovers out there, Halloween is the best holiday ever. You get to use your natural creative abilities to create the most amazing, jaw-dropping, totally unique costume. This year is all about trying new things: no … Continue reading

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Bad News…You Can Help (kinda pathetic)

Hello, fashionistas. We have some bad news. Lately, we have not been getting many viewers and that makes us very upset. Right now our site is still making its way to glamorousness, but as you can see we can’t reach … Continue reading

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Forever 21 Faux for Fall Review

Hello, fashionistas. Forever 21 has recently released a lot of new items in the theme Faux for Fall. It is filled with dark colors, leather, faux fur, and lace. Here we will show you the absolute best items in the … Continue reading

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Falling in Love with Makeup

Hello, fashionistas. It’s makeup time! We have shown you the best clothes and accessories for fall. Now, how should you do your makeup? First of all, smoky eyes are absolutely and completely in. You can make yours really dark like … Continue reading

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Accessorizing for your Fall Wardrobe

Hello, fashionistas. So you have your fall wardrobe all set. Now, how do you accessorize? This fall, we are forecasting lots and lots of rings, as well as really long necklaces with clusters of charms on the end. We are … Continue reading

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