Fall Trend Alert – Tote Bags

Hello, fashionistas.

As you are all aware, school is starting soon (and for some of you unfortunate ones it already has) and everyone needs a bookbag. However, backpacks are so out! What you need is a large tote bag with neutral colors that can go with anything and everything. It’s best to splurge on totes, because if you get a cheap-o one from Forever 21 or Wet Seal or wherever, we guarantee that it’s going to break from the weight of your binders and textbooks. What you need is a high-end, great quality bag that isn’t too ridiculously expensive. Here are a few of our favorites:

First is the classic Longchamp tote. You can get these in a variety of colors, but please don’t get any of the bright colors that won’t match with everything. These are $145.00.

The next brand we are going to talk about is our favorite, Urban Outfitters. They have tons of cool, grungy bags that are big enough to carry everything you need to carry. Below are the ones we like best.

Lastly, we are going to show you some bags from Nordstrom.

That’s all for know. We wish you all luck with school this year! As we are approaching the fall, which is our favorite fashion season, make sure to keep on checking back to see updates on trends, stores and makeup tips. While you’re at it, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so that you can be the first to know!



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Hurricane Irene

Hello, fashionistas.

So both sides of RemiJane live in the northeast, and the hurricane is supposed to pass through our area in only a few hours. We just want to say that we hope all of our northeastern viewers out there stay safe! Don’t forget follow all the usual hurricane rules (stay in the basement/ground floor, get rid of any furniture outside that could fly around in the wind, etc) in order to preserve your life. We have heard that there could be no electricity anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks after the storm, and if that’s the case then we wont be blogging for a little while. Again, everyone stay safe and we love you!



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Dress Like Rachel Berry

Hello, fashionistas.

As you know, we try to give you all helpful tips on how to dress like your favorite television characters from your favorite TV shows. We realized that we’ve neglected one of the most popular shows, GLEE! So, we decided to start with Rachel Berry’s “Sexy School-girl Chic” look.

See? Rachel’s style has the perfect touch of a classy “dork” mixed with flirty schoolgirl. We absolutely cannot get enough of it! We want you all to be able to get her awesome look, so here is an outfit based on her unique style.

Start your look off with a simple white or ivory button-down top. You should have one of these in your closet because it is a wardrobe basic. urbanoutfitters.com 59.00

Tuck the button-down shirt into this cute plaid skirt. You don’t have to tuck it into this specific skirt, just any plaid skirt that you might own. urbanoutfitters.com 54.00

Slip this wine cardigan over your button-down for a great “Rachel Berry” effect. It’s amazing how a simple sweater can change your entire look. 39.00

These vintage looking oxfords look great with the outfit we’ve put together. These shoes come in different colors and styles. urbanoutfitters.com 69.00

Side-part your hair, slip this hairband in, and your look is complete! Another way to wear this hairband is to comb all your hair back (so your part doesn’t show) place the hair band on your head, and tease the front a bit to add a pouf.

Sorry we haven’t updated in a couple days, we are currently busy preparing our houses for the coming up hurricane! Yay…..coming up is Britney Pierce (from glee)’s style, Fall trend alerts, and locker organization.  Remember to keep checking in for new posts and pics! We could use your support: like us on facebook, subscribe, and follow us on twitter!



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Fall Trend Alert – Hats

Hello, fashionistas.

We haven’t done a Fall Trend Alerts in a long time. So we decided to do a fun one all about cute hats! There are so many different types of hats for all sorts of occasions, you can dress up a hat, dress it down, use it as hair protection, anything! Here are a few hats that we love! Photos from urbanoutfitters.com

This adorable hat can be worn in fall and summer! It’s a great buy and super cute! Pair it with dark jeans and an ivory colored flowy top (kind of like the one above!). Add a layering of necklaces and a gold cuff for your jewelry. As for shoes, you should wear a chic pair of wedges. Keep your makeup subtle and curl your hair into soft waves.

Wear this cute beanie with your favorite sweater with peacoat/trench coat on top. Make sure you have on casual boots and a fun ring for pizazz. You makeup should be something you would wear to school. Not too natural, but not too intense. Use green for your eyes and light glosses for your lips. Straighten your hair so the hat won’t frizz it up.

This hat is probably our favorite by far. Wear it with a blouson top that has a peter pan collar. Pair that with a nice skirt and bright or lace tights. For shoes, you should wear a conservative pair of black ballet flats. Simple stud earrings will be all for our jewelry. Wear your hair in a curled side ponytail or simple back-braid. Your makeup should consist of: mascara, pink lip gloss, and a rosy blush.

Well, that’s all for today! Hope you found this post helpful and will check back in soon.We have a lot more coming up for you, but we need you all to give us feedback! We want to know what you think. Like us on Facebook, comment below, follow us on Twitter,  subscribe! We love you all!



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Dress Like Spencer Hastings – Part 2

Hello, fashionistas.

Well, like we said, we are going to be doing another Pretty Little Liars segment. This time it’s Spencer Hastings:

Spencer’s style is a preppy-vintage mix that is definitely worth stealing! She’s always so prefect looking and works whatever she wears. Let’s look for some clothes that are Spencer-esque. All clothes are from Urban Outfitters!

(She actually wore this top on one of the Pretty Little Liar episodes!!!!)

See? It’s pretty simple. Think vintage and classy, preppy and neat, flirty and charming. Have and crop-tops you decided you didn’t like? Pair it with high-waisted jeans, boots, a bold necklace, a cardigan, a cute hat, and you have Spencer’s look! But beware of over-accesorizing, you never want to look tacky. Another example: take your flannel shirt, put on a cardigan and roll the sleeves up so you can see the flannel top, put on some skinny jeans, slip on a pair of cute booties, add a headband, and another Spencer-inspired look!

Now, let’s begin her makeup, shall we?

Yes, we all know, she’s absolutely gorgeous. Her makeup look is subtle and elegant. The wings of eyeliner create a big-eyed effect and her lips are shimmered to perfection. Spencer’s eyes look deep, not to mention her flawless skin. Time to get her look!

To start, even out your skin tone with tinted moisturizer (not foundation because that looks caked on and fake). Rub it all over your face and make sure it’s all even. Put concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes. Then, glide a non-shimmer bronzer brush on your neck, chest, and obviously your face (cheeks, forehead, nose, chin).

Now, smear some primer on your eyelids and put on a light gray on your eyelid (don’t make it too dark, yet). In your crease, put a slightly darker shade of gray to add depth. Blend it slightly, then, put some white right under your eyebrow as a highlighter. (Note: at the end of your eye darken each color slightly and extend it to your under eye a bit)

Time for eyeliner. Use black liquid liner on your top lid and make a slightly diagonal wing right where you made your eyeshadow darker. Use black eye-pencil directly under your waterline (not on your waterline, that will make your eyes look smaller).

As for mascara, sweep black mascara on your upper lashes and make sure there are no clumps. Then, lightly sweep some on your lower lashes.

Take a rosy blush and brush it on your cheekbones (you may have to make a fishy face), then a little on your forehead, down your t-area, and finally on your chin.

Finally, on your lips put on a light pink lipstick and use a shimmery lip balm on top to give your lips that kissable look.

And that’s Spencer Hastings’s makeup look! Next will be Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, fall trend alerts, makeup tips, and so much more! Subscribe to us to be the first to know about our posts and remember to like us on Facebook! Comments and emails are very appreciated!



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Dress Like Aria Montgomery – Part 2

Hello, fashionistas.

We saw that you all loved the posts we did on how to dress like the characters in Pretty Little Liars. Now, we are going to do a repeat of the posts, showing more outfits and clothes that fit the unique styles of each Pretty Little Liar. Round 2 will start off with Aria Montgomery.

Aria’s style is cool, spunky and slightly mismatched as if she picked up whatever was on the floor and threw it on without a second thought. Below are a few items of clothing that we think epitomize her unique style.

All of the clothing below is from Urban Outfitters (where else?)

Okay, so you get the gist of the clothes that Aria loves. Anything grungy or vintage-looking is totally her style! Make sure that you don’t layer too many bold things, or else you will look a mess. If you wear a funky, textured top, pair it with a simple jacket and jeans. If you wear a patterned skirt, tuck it into a solid-colored tank top, and so on.

Now, we are going to show you some tips on how to do your makeup like Aria’s!

As you can see, her makeup is dark but not too smoky, her eyelashes are long and thick, her skin is glowy, and her lips are a shiny maroon color.

To get her look, sweep some dark brown eyeshadow over your eyelid. Use a thick lengthening mascara and apply a thick coat to your eyelashes, let it sit for about 20 seconds, then curl your eyelashes. Apply another coat of mascara to make your eyelashes super full and thick.

Use concealer on acne and under-eye circles, then use a tinted moisturizer to make your skin look dewy and fresh.

Use a maroon lip stain on your lips, followed by a sheer, dark red lip gloss.

And voila! You have Aria’s makeup look.

If you want to see any other clothing/outfits based on Aria’s style, just comment below and tell us! We always honor requests.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so that you can be the first to know about exiting new posts, contests, videos, and much, much more.



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Fall Shoes!

Hello, fashionistas.

Today we want to talk about shoes. We will range from flats to heels and tell you what to wear and when to wear them. All shoes are from nordstroms.com. Let’s start with Minnetonkas (note: we aren’t going to even tell you the prices of any of these shoes):These fun Minnetonka booties are perfect for school or a coffee date! The patterned inside is a great touch of color. And the moccasin-look is always in, it just get’s updated every year! These boots are a great buy because they can also be worn in the winter.

Toms are cute comfortable shoes that can be worn for making a trip to the store, the mall, school, anywhere that’s casual. They have so many colors and they can honestly be worn at any age. Preschool to late 60’s! But, Toms are strictly day time! They have a curfew and that’s 6:00pm so wear ’em up ladies! (Note: if you buy one pair of Toms another pair get’s sent to children who need shoes)

Converse. These shoes have always and always will be in style. They’re comfortable, easy to wear, work for any season and they’re just fashion musts. You can get them with laces or without (slip-on). Converse come in different colors and styles and sometimes even materials!

These pumps are perfect for work, a date, and a night out! They are flawlessly sophisticated, yet splendidly tempting. Look in your latest Vogue magazine…now do they look familiar? Yup, the chunk heel has been in the latest Vogue magazine and they are 2-die-4.

These cute boots are great for going to the city for a night, a date, maybe a party? The leather is so classic and chic and the two colors look amazing together. Basically, boots like these are hard to find but excellent to own.

This shoe is our favorite shoe of them all. Yes, they’re about $1,000 but, come on, aren’t they gorgeous? These shoes have teal snakeskin on the heal which will definitely get you noticed. Please, don’t buy these, buy something like them for cheaper.

Well, that’s all for today girls! Any feedback or responses just email us (remijanestyle@gmail.com), tweet us, facebook us, or comment! Also don’t for get to subscribe and like us on facebook! Coming up are more fall fashion alerts, organization, and more!



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