Dress Like Brittany S. Pierce

Hello, fashionistas.

Today we are going to do a post on Brittany S. Pierce from the hit TV show Glee. We love everything in her closet. She works everything she wears and there’s no denying it. Let’s take a look:

Britney’s style is perfectly random and mismatched. It matches her character very well. She wears arm-sleeves and big furry hats with a tee-shirt and jeans and she somehow manages to pull it off.  Her style is bold and creative, but we cannot get enough!

Start you style off by taking a regular v-neck tee shirt and tying it up in the front (make it about as high as your waist). Note: If you don’t have a standard v-neck tee shirt, then go online an order one right now! urbanoutfitters.com  2 for 24.00

These high-waisted shorts cover up your exposed midriff. You could use any high-waisted pair of shorts (or jeans!) but make sure they aren’t to close in color with your top. urbanoutfitters.com 49.00

Unbutton this fun cardigan and slip it right on, over your v-neck. They have it in regular leopard print, but isn’t this one more fun? It’s also a great addition to your closet because it could look great with a lot of clothes. It’ll give your outfits some spice! urbanoutfitters.com 59.00

Both of these boots are fabulous, but with this outfit we are looking at the ones on the left. Not only would Brittnay buy them in a second, but she would wear them with confidence. They have a cowboy-esque look that’s irresistible. urbanoutfitters.com 59.00

This cute knit ear-warmer is perfect for this outfit and even more perfect to buy for winter! Whether it’s a hat, earmuffs, or a bow ear-warmer, you must have something cute to warm your head for winter. urbanoutfitters.com 24.00

Well that’s Brittnay S. Pierce’s fun-loving style! And requests, comments, feedback, etc. you know what to do (email, comment, facebook, twitter)! Hope this post was helpful to you all! Up next are more Fall Trend Alerts, things you should have during school, organization, and much much more!

love always,



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One Response to Dress Like Brittany S. Pierce

  1. typefashion says:

    Bow ear warmers are cute !



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