Fall Trend Alert – Hats

Hello, fashionistas.

We haven’t done a Fall Trend Alerts in a long time. So we decided to do a fun one all about cute hats! There are so many different types of hats for all sorts of occasions, you can dress up a hat, dress it down, use it as hair protection, anything! Here are a few hats that we love! Photos from urbanoutfitters.com

This adorable hat can be worn in fall and summer! It’s a great buy and super cute! Pair it with dark jeans and an ivory colored flowy top (kind of like the one above!). Add a layering of necklaces and a gold cuff for your jewelry. As for shoes, you should wear a chic pair of wedges. Keep your makeup subtle and curl your hair into soft waves.

Wear this cute beanie with your favorite sweater with peacoat/trench coat on top. Make sure you have on casual boots and a fun ring for pizazz. You makeup should be something you would wear to school. Not too natural, but not too intense. Use green for your eyes and light glosses for your lips. Straighten your hair so the hat won’t frizz it up.

This hat is probably our favorite by far. Wear it with a blouson top that has a peter pan collar. Pair that with a nice skirt and bright or lace tights. For shoes, you should wear a conservative pair of black ballet flats. Simple stud earrings will be all for our jewelry. Wear your hair in a curled side ponytail or simple back-braid. Your makeup should consist of: mascara, pink lip gloss, and a rosy blush.

Well, that’s all for today! Hope you found this post helpful and will check back in soon.We have a lot more coming up for you, but we need you all to give us feedback! We want to know what you think. Like us on Facebook, comment below, follow us on Twitter,  subscribe! We love you all!




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