Dress Like Spencer Hastings – Part 2

Hello, fashionistas.

Well, like we said, we are going to be doing another Pretty Little Liars segment. This time it’s Spencer Hastings:

Spencer’s style is a preppy-vintage mix that is definitely worth stealing! She’s always so prefect looking and works whatever she wears. Let’s look for some clothes that are Spencer-esque. All clothes are from Urban Outfitters!

(She actually wore this top on one of the Pretty Little Liar episodes!!!!)

See? It’s pretty simple. Think vintage and classy, preppy and neat, flirty and charming. Have and crop-tops you decided you didn’t like? Pair it with high-waisted jeans, boots, a bold necklace, a cardigan, a cute hat, and you have Spencer’s look! But beware of over-accesorizing, you never want to look tacky. Another example: take your flannel shirt, put on a cardigan and roll the sleeves up so you can see the flannel top, put on some skinny jeans, slip on a pair of cute booties, add a headband, and another Spencer-inspired look!

Now, let’s begin her makeup, shall we?

Yes, we all know, she’s absolutely gorgeous. Her makeup look is subtle and elegant. The wings of eyeliner create a big-eyed effect and her lips are shimmered to perfection. Spencer’s eyes look deep, not to mention her flawless skin. Time to get her look!

To start, even out your skin tone with tinted moisturizer (not foundation because that looks caked on and fake). Rub it all over your face and make sure it’s all even. Put concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes. Then, glide a non-shimmer bronzer brush on your neck, chest, and obviously your face (cheeks, forehead, nose, chin).

Now, smear some primer on your eyelids and put on a light gray on your eyelid (don’t make it too dark, yet). In your crease, put a slightly darker shade of gray to add depth. Blend it slightly, then, put some white right under your eyebrow as a highlighter. (Note: at the end of your eye darken each color slightly and extend it to your under eye a bit)

Time for eyeliner. Use black liquid liner on your top lid and make a slightly diagonal wing right where you made your eyeshadow darker. Use black eye-pencil directly under your waterline (not on your waterline, that will make your eyes look smaller).

As for mascara, sweep black mascara on your upper lashes and make sure there are no clumps. Then, lightly sweep some on your lower lashes.

Take a rosy blush and brush it on your cheekbones (you may have to make a fishy face), then a little on your forehead, down your t-area, and finally on your chin.

Finally, on your lips put on a light pink lipstick and use a shimmery lip balm on top to give your lips that kissable look.

And that’s Spencer Hastings’s makeup look! Next will be Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, fall trend alerts, makeup tips, and so much more! Subscribe to us to be the first to know about our posts and remember to like us on Facebook! Comments and emails are very appreciated!




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4 Responses to Dress Like Spencer Hastings – Part 2

  1. Solane says:

    Hi!!! love ur blog!! do you have any idea of the brand’s name of her brown bag?
    xoxo from France!

  2. Solane says:

    oh don’t worry if you don’t find 😉 and thanks 😉 😉

  3. Mirela says:

    hey. your blog’s really great!
    Do you have any idea if that denim top (which Spencer wore) is still on sale?

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