Fall Shoes!

Hello, fashionistas.

Today we want to talk about shoes. We will range from flats to heels and tell you what to wear and when to wear them. All shoes are from nordstroms.com. Let’s start with Minnetonkas (note: we aren’t going to even tell you the prices of any of these shoes):These fun Minnetonka booties are perfect for school or a coffee date! The patterned inside is a great touch of color. And the moccasin-look is always in, it just get’s updated every year! These boots are a great buy because they can also be worn in the winter.

Toms are cute comfortable shoes that can be worn for making a trip to the store, the mall, school, anywhere that’s casual. They have so many colors and they can honestly be worn at any age. Preschool to late 60’s! But, Toms are strictly day time! They have a curfew and that’s 6:00pm so wear ’em up ladies! (Note: if you buy one pair of Toms another pair get’s sent to children who need shoes)

Converse. These shoes have always and always will be in style. They’re comfortable, easy to wear, work for any season and they’re just fashion musts. You can get them with laces or without (slip-on). Converse come in different colors and styles and sometimes even materials!

These pumps are perfect for work, a date, and a night out! They are flawlessly sophisticated, yet splendidly tempting. Look in your latest Vogue magazine…now do they look familiar? Yup, the chunk heel has been in the latest Vogue magazine and they are 2-die-4.

These cute boots are great for going to the city for a night, a date, maybe a party? The leather is so classic and chic and the two colors look amazing together. Basically, boots like these are hard to find but excellent to own.

This shoe is our favorite shoe of them all. Yes, they’re about $1,000 but, come on, aren’t they gorgeous? These shoes have teal snakeskin on the heal which will definitely get you noticed. Please, don’t buy these, buy something like them for cheaper.

Well, that’s all for today girls! Any feedback or responses just email us (remijanestyle@gmail.com), tweet us, facebook us, or comment! Also don’t for get to subscribe and like us on facebook! Coming up are more fall fashion alerts, organization, and more!




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