Ways to get psyched for school

Hello, fashionistas.

Look, everyone’s back from camp, summer’s ending, school is coming. We are both bummed that summers over and not too thrilled that school’s starting either, but a bad attitude leads to a bad year. Here are some helpful ways to get psyched (or at least try to)!

1 – Plan out your outfit

Think of creative new styles to wear to school. Including: hair, makeup, clothes (durr!), shoes, nail color, jewelry, the works! Go through old clothes, buy new ones, anything to make your first day a good one! Being prepared for the first day of school is one way to relieve some stress.


Makeovers for school will always make you feel confident and beautiful. Check out our school makeover post for more details.

3 – Make school shopping an activity

Shopping is shopping no matter what for! Get fun locker items and binders. A whiteboard, mirror, and a calendar are locker musts! Try to create a theme for yourself like making everything in your locker pink or blue! It’s fun to decorate things and make them your own.

4 – Give yourself a pep-talk

Yes, talking to yourself does sound rather strange, but you have no idea how helpful it can be. The next couple of weeks say to yourself, “I am confident, I will do well, I will be myself, I won’t let anyone hurt me this year, I will….” Anything your insecure about just tell yourself it’s going to be okay.

5 – Set a goal for yourself

Setting goals for yourself will not only give you encouragement, but when you accomplish your goal you will feel amazing. Write down your goal somewhere you look at often (refrigerator, mirror, whiteboard, journal, etc.) so that way you can see it everyday. If you start to flake out sometimes seeing it frequently  will give you guilt.

6 – STAY POSITIVE!!!!!!!!

Finally the last thing on this list is staying positive. Being positive in school is so important. Being happy will make everyone around you happier and you’ll just feel great. Positivity is important in no only school, but in life as well. Being an optimistic, happy, positive, helpful person will get you far in life, no matter what your occupation.

Well, that’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed this post and remember, you can email (remijanestyle@gmail.com), comment, facebook and tweet us for recomendations and reactions! We want to hear what you have to say.




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