How-To: Glowing Summer Tan

Hello, fashionistas.

We all know about the dangers of tanning – skin cancer, premature aging, etc. However, having beautifully tanned skin is a gorgeous look. So how can you achieve that tan without baking in the sun or going into one of those deadly tanning beds?

Easy – self tanner.

Okay, so you could go for a spray tan, but those are expensive and often turn out streaky and orange. Self tanner can be a scary concept, considering what could happen if you pick the wrong kind or apply it badly, but with our help, you could look like this:

Without all the risks and dangers.

Tip #1 – St. Tropez

St. Tropez is an expensive but oh, so worth it line of self tanners. First, they have the bronzing lotion:

You can buy this at Sephora for $30 for the small size and $40 for the big size. This is complicated to use, and is a lengthy process, but the result is a long-lasting, deep bronze tan. Since this lotion is olive-based, you won’t turn out looking like a walking carrot.

Next is the bronzing mousse:

This is easier to put on, and has the same rich olive tan color. You put the foam onto the St. Tropez tanning mitt ($6 from Sephora) and work it into your skin. Again, this is $30 for the small size and $40 for the big.

Or, if you don’t want a sudden, deep tan, you can use the gradual tanning lotion:

This is good for use in the winter. It is a daily lotion, and your tan gradually deepens for a nice, natural looking glow that will let you stand out against the pallid winter faces. $30.oo.

Please note: For the above lotion, the result is VERY subtle. This is a good thing for the middle of the year, so you don’t look fake, but don’t buy this expecting sudden, huge results.

Tip #2 – Bronzer

Bronzer is good for bringing out your cheekbones, slimming your nose and making you look nice and sun-kissed, like you’ve been on the beach for a few hours. Our favorite is the Laguna bronzer by NARS. (33.00, sephora)

How to use – using a blush brush, put a little bit of the bronzer on it and apply it to your cheekbones, forehead, and chin. Make sure to blend it in so you don’t look fake. To slim your nose, apply some to either side of your nose, and to bring out your cheekbones, suck in your cheeks and apply it to the sucked in part, right underneath your cheekbones.

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