Bathing Suits for Boy-ish Bodies

Hello, fashionistas.

Today we would like to give the girls with boy-ish bodies some bathing suit advice. A boy-ish body means a body that is slender and athletic-looking with a smaller bust and butt.

Try triangle and halter bathing suits that have a low neckline and a push up bra. Low necklines will show off the cleavage you do have, and a small push up will enhance it even more. You should look for higher-cut bottoms with a cute ruffle to make your but look curvier and perky. Another thing to look out for is a monokini – they show off your slender figure, but the line going down the middle gives the illusion of a smaller waist, which then makes you look curvier. Here are a few of our favorites from Victoria’s Secret swimwear (most of them are currently on sale!)

That’s all for now. Coming up, we have trends for August, updates on outrageous designer sales that actually (for once!) make them affordable, 5 steps to clear skin, and more. In the middle through the end of August, we will be posting a TON of information about trends for school, where and when to shop, back to school hairstyles and makeup tips, and how to make school supplies the ultimate accessories. Stay tuned!

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