Bathing Suits for Curvy Bodies

Hello, fashionistas.

We hope you enjoyed our last couple of posts about characters on TV shows. But now, it’s time to talk about bathing suits for your body.

Let’s start off with bathing suits for those bodies that have gorgeous, feminine curves. There is nothing wrong with wearing bikinis when you’re curvy – in fact, it can look amazing! More bathing suit styles that would look good are horizontally ruched one-pieces and subtle tankinis.

See? The gathering of the material hides the stomach pudge, while at the same time showing off the curves that you want! Feel sexy and confident! 41.95….. 79.99 (expensive, we know, but just take the idea and you can get that bathing suit anywhere!)

A cute tankini is always good for a curvy body. Make sure is either has a fun pattern or a v-neck. Otherwise, it’s just another boring bathing suit. 39.99……. 35.99

These fun one-pieces are sure to cover up your unwanted curves. The fun patterns will distract from the areas you don’t want people to see. 79.99… 59.99

Hope this helps you all out! More to come…next up will be curvy tummy! Comment below for any requests, feedback, ideas, etc!




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2 Responses to Bathing Suits for Curvy Bodies

  1. theumbrellabloggers says:

    Those were some great tips! All those swimsuits looked sooo great and really flattering! I really need to buy a bathing suit soon so your tips will come in handy 🙂


  2. We’re glad you liked them! xoxo

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