Dress Like Jenny Humphrey

Hello, fashionistas.

We hope that you all have been enjoying our last few posts. Today, we will be recreating the style of Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl.

Jenny’s style is the true definition of high-fashion grunge. The leather jackets, shaggy hair, red lips, and fishnet tights give her style sophistication and a punk-rock type look, while glittery dresses, tangled layers of necklaces and stilettos keep it from looking trashy.

Start off the outfit with this grayish-navy colored romper. The plunging v-neck, wraparound top and cinching at the waist keeps this piece from looking boring and predictable. urbanoutfitters.com

Add shape and spunk to the romper with this leather bomber jacket. Jenny is notorious for her leather jackets, and they add the perfect amount of grunge while simultaneously matching with everything. urbanoutfitters.com

Another Jenny Humphrey staple is fishnet tights. They lengthen and slim your legs, and they look sexy without being too revealing. They will look cool, casual and unexpected peeking out of the romper. urbanoutfitters.com

These shoes are perfect for this outfit! The heel is sophisticated and classy, while the numerous chunky straps add the perfect amount of quirkiness to them. urbanoutfitters.com

Layer lots of necklaces of all different lengths, colors and styles to add some glitz to the outfit. Make sure that you are wearing a v-neck while layering necklaces, because you don’t want to look cluttered or sloppy. After the necklaces are on, try to tangle them the perfect amount so that they look cool and casual without being impossible to take off. The above necklaces are all from Urban Outfitters (where else?) but you can just use any necklaces that you currently own.

Finish the whole look with this large black leather tote. It hold a lot, while still looking chic and casual. urbanoutfitters.com

To get Jenny’s complete look, take a shower at night and after your hair is about half dry, put a little bit of scrunching mousse in it then put it into a french braid. When you wake up, take out the braid, scrunch your hair and blow dry any parts that still aren’t dry. Spray it lightly with hairspray.

For makeup, put black eyeshadow on your eyelid, with a thick layer of black liquid eyeliner on top and tons of mascara. Put white eyeliner on your waterline and on your inner corners to keep your eyes from looking small and heavy.

That’s all for now. Keep checking back for more!




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