Dress Like Serena Van Der Woodsen

Hello, fashionistas.

Our last post was about Blair Waldorf from the fabulous, fashion-filled show, Gossip Girl. Now it’s time to look at Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Well, those outfits alone should kick-off this post. Serena’s look is mixing vintage pieces with fashion-forward pieces to create a boho-chic look with a bit of a rocker edge to it. She takes everyday dresses, adds tights and a fun accessory, and then it’s instantly made into a night in the city. She take a simple kilt-looking skirt and twists it a little to make a sexy-schoolgirl look. Her style is so out there, but in a way that makes it fit in. Serena’s style fits her, and it looks as if it was made personally for her. Now you can try to copy that:

Start of your Serena-Inspired-Look with a simple white tank top or skin tight white long-sleeved shirt. There really isn’t much to say about this tank other than it’s a wardrobe necessity. nordstroms.com

Add a cute sweater vest on top of the tank (or you could use a sweater, depending on the weather). This vest give the outfit a bit a a nerdy chic to it. It’s comfy and can be paired with so much! nordstroms.com

Tuck the vest into this short leather skirt and thin belt. Make sure to let the vest hang over a little bit, like a blouse. The skirt is very sophisticated and will highlight your waist. bloomingdales.com

Put on a pair of dark colored tights with a pretty pattern on them. It’ll bring attention to your legs and lengthen them a little. Urbanoutfitters.com

Finally, Shoes! Put on a pair of maroon pumps similar to the ones above. These shoes are to-die-for! They somehow have a way of owning the streets. When you walk in them, you’ll feel invincible. Right now, these shoes are the hottest thing and they fit right into Serena’s style!

Wrap a bold scarf around your neck to add a pop to your outfit. Try different stylesand have fun with it. You never know what could look good. Bloomingdales.com

These earrings are killer. They have a elegance to them that will definitely be noticed. Also, they look expensive when really they are only about 12.00! urbanoutfitters.com

Push this cute boho headband over your hair to make it flat in the front. Then, tease your hair a bit in the back to make a messy look. Put in a tiny, tiny amount of hair spray (make sure you run your fingers through your hair to keep it form getting hard) and that’s it!

That’s all for now girls! Coming up will be more Gossip Girl posts and then trends! Anything you want us to post? Questions? Comment below! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!




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