Trend Alert – Maxi Dresses

Hello, fashionistas.

Today, I am going to be talking about the hottest Spring/Summer trend – maxi dresses. You can find a simple, cream floor length sheath, or a bold, tribal-print babydoll dress that can only be worn with a huge floppy hat. I am going to be showing you the best maxi dresses for all price ranges and in all styles.

IMPORTANT – Make sure to try on these dresses before buying them. Some of them will look amazing on you, and others will make you look like you’re drowning. It’s really hit-or-miss with this hot style.

Dress Number 1 –

The above dress is by the brand Trouve, and can be bought at Nordstroms. It’s simple and delicate yet somehow the seemingly effortless style will complement your body without making you look desperate. This is the type of dress to wear with a huge tangle of bold, miss-matching necklaces, and loose, flowing wavy hair. 98.00

Dress Number 2 –

This gorgeous, bold Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress shows off your body without appearing trashy. Although it is bold, it does not come across as tacky or cheap. In fact, with a pair of plain black pumps, simple makeup, and a chic up-do, this dress can look quite classy. 485.00

Dress Number 3 –

This dress is a simple, navy blue Free People tank dress. It may be plain and boring at first glance, until you see the intricate seams lining the dress and the way it flows like water over your body, the open back that reveals skin while still remaining pure and chaste. This dress, which may just be my favorite maxi dress of all, is anything but boring. 88.00

Hopefully by now you see the different types of maxi dresses and how there is a style for everyone. A maxi dress is what you wear when your going out to dinner, but it’s a warm summer night. When you don’t know what to wear to a family brunch, simply pull out your maxi and you’re on your way. JUST REMEMBER: THE ACCESSORIES OF YOUR OUTFIT CAN MAKE OR BREAK THE MAXI!

Want more summer trends? Feathers or braids maybe? It’s coming up, no need to fret! If you have any other ideas or thoughts on more posts, just comment below!




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