Dress Like Emily Fields

Hello, fashionistas.

Our last few posts have been all about recreating the looks of the main characters from Pretty Little Liars. Today, we will be doing the same thing with Emily Fields.

As you can see, Emily’s style is all about comfort. She likes layering shirts and wearing cute skirts to dress up her casual style. She adds subtle hints of accessories to make her outfits a little more unique.

Here is a soft, simple v-neck that will start you off on your outfit. Or you could just pair it with jeans for a casual, throw-it-on look. urbanoutfitters.com

The above skirt is a khaki skirt that goes to about mid-thigh, and can be pulled up or down in accordance to your surroundings. Khaki skirts are an Emily Fields staple – if your goal is to dress like her, make sure you have at least one of these! urbanoutfitters.com

This cute, white cropped bomber jacket is very Emily-esque. The color will set off your tan, and this goes with almost anything in your closet. The cropped cut makes your waist look tiny, giving you that curvy, Beyonce-style body. urbanoutfitters.com

The trick to completing this outfit is these shoes. They are simple, comfortable and chic, which are the three things Emily embodies in her outfits. Just like the jacket, these really do go with everything. urbanoutfitters.com

That’s all for now. Coming up is an article on maxi-dresses (how to wear them, where to buy them, what to wear with them, etc), different summer trends, and how to dress like different characters on Gossip Girl, which is a fashionista’s show if I ever saw one. Stay tuned!

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