Hanna Marin – Steal her look!

Hell, Fashionistas. As we promised, it’s time to do a little examination on Hanna Marin from the hit TV series, Pretty Little Liars. Her style is playful, yet mature. It’s sexy, yet conservative. How does she pull it off? Well, that’s what this post is ALL about.

By now, you’re probably getting an idea of Hanna Marin’s style. As you can see a lot of it is cute blazers, flirty tops, mini skirts, and (duh!) pumps. Notice how she gives a girly outfit a more professional look by just adding a blazer! Hanna’s style also consists of phenomenal hair stylings!
Start your style with  a girly top. This rosy tank would work or one with ruffles down the front. Make sure the top is girly but subtle enough to be turned into a more mature look. The one we’ve picked out is brightly colored and solid, which fits directly into Hanna’s wardrobe. urbanoutfitters.com
Add on a cute boyfriend blazer. The simplicity and “put together” look that it has can go with any outfit. Now this simple blazer will take the look from girly to conservative. bloomingdales.com
These are your basic skin tight, booty hugging jeans. They look good on anyone and (obviously!) show of any woman’s curves. A closet must!! bloomingdales.com
urbanoutfitters.com                                 youlookfab.com
Adding necklaces to your outfit will put more individuality into it! Pick a bold necklace (left) or layer some small ones (right). If you want to be courageous enough, maybe a cute scarf? Either way, you need something around your neck.
Rings are always fun and flirty. Pick a ring that’s unusual but not strange. This twisted ring will really get attention! If you prefer to wear earrings instead they work, too. Jewelry is always pretty in an outfit. urbanoutfitters.com
This boho hairstyle is SO Hanna Marin. A little challenging but you can make it simpler. Make a headband with the braid, wrap a braid around your ponytail! It’s perfect for a date, school, or just if you want to look pretty!
Finally, the last piece to your new look! You want to add a cute boot to your look, but (because it’s Hanna Marin) it has to be a heal. this is the perfect combo! If you don’t like these, try a boot to your mid-calf and make sure it has something different to it.
Hope this helped you all! If you have any ideas, comments, feedbacks, etc. Just comment below. Wanna do us a favor? Like us on Facebook! We love your support and always will! More coming up!

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