Fall Wardrobe – Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars)

Hello, fashionistas.

Unless you live on Mars, you have mostly likely seen, or at least heard about Pretty Little Liars. The iconic book-series-turned-TV-show is full of drama, suspense, romance and entertainment – not to mention serious style.

Today, we are going to be showing you how to dress like the character Spencer Hastings without spending a fortune on her usual brands like Ralph Lauren and Juicy Couture. Spencer is gorgeous naturally, but her neat, preppy-with-a-twist style really turns heads. She is smart and organized, and hates being second-best at anything. Spencer dresses like she is going to a cocktail party at a country club every day.

The shirt is an adorable, unique twist on the classic polo shirt. The halter neckline is uber flattering, and looks amazing with tan-from-summer shoulders. I have this shirt, and it is slimming and shows the perfect amount of cleavage. 19.99, urbanoutfitters.com

Tuck the shirt into this pair of high-rise jeans. They are dark-wash, but the fading at the knees and the carefully placed rips tone down the blatant preppiness of the shirt. 58.00, urbanoutfitters.com

Add this lace cardigan to the mix to give an air of boho-chic and girliness that isn’t overpowering. 69.00, urbanoutfitters.com

These classic oxford heels add another preppy-go-lucky touch to this outfit. It takes the look from casual prep to sophisticated and Harvard-bound. 69.00, urbanoutfitters.com

Below are a few other things that will add to the perfect, Spencer-esque fall wardrobe. (PS: They can all be found at urbanoutfitters.com)

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and tell us what you think!




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One Response to Fall Wardrobe – Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars)

  1. awesome blog! spencer is my fave character in the show……

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