You’re Beautiful

Hello, Fashionistas.

Sorry that we have not been updating our blog for a little while. There’s been work, drama, spring break, etc. But now we are back and ready to update!

Lately we’ve been noticing that our blogs are all about style and fashion, which is great, but what about you? We want to talk about self-esteem and confidence because those are things that every girl can always improve on.

First off, you’re looks. You dress for guys or girls or someone usually, right? Of course because you’re dressing to impress or dressing to look hot. We know that dressing to look hot is a big deal and that you always want to look pretty or you’re best, but being yourself is what’s most important. People will judge you and people may make fun of you, but it doesn’t matter because they don’t understand. Fashion is like art. It’s your personality, a way to express yourself. People may like it or not. That’s theirĀ problem.

Next, you’re beautiful no matter what you look like. Thin or not, tall or short or even your race. Being confident in who you are is one of the most important life skills. The outside is not what counts. Yes, you’ve heard that a million times, but think about it. What does your outside have to do with you? You could be gorgeous but mean, making you less attractive. Your inside reflects your beauty on the outside.

Girls are all different…and they are all unique. Every girl has their own special feature and no matter how bad you feel about yourself just remember that no one can ver bring you down. You’re beautiful!

Thanks for reading this post. We’ll try to update more again!! We love you all! Comment, tell us what we should write about, tell your friends! The more popular we get the more we can do for the website.




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