Urban Outfitters March 2011

Hello, fashionistas.

Today, we are going to be talking to you about our favorite items from the new Urban Outfitters March 2011 collection. All items can be purchased from http://www.urbanoutfitters.com.

This Mickey Mouse raglan top is adorable! It’s a perfect mix of playful and grunge, therefore making it an easy thing to throw on and instantly become chic. Wear it with the newly-in-style white ripped skinny jeans on a colder day, or with a skirt or shorts on a warm day. 39.00

The above top is a staple for transitioning from winter to spring. Its sweatshirt fabric warms you up, while the cool, modern cropped-cut lets in some air. Wear it with ripped denim shorts, or with a tank top underneath. You could even make it work on a cold day with a white long-sleeved top underneath. 55.00

This cardigan is gorgeous. With its soft, comfy yet still expensive-looking fabric, its the perfect addition to any tight-fitting outfit to give yourself a more airy look. Wear a tight, short black dress with this cardigan on top to give your body more depth and contrast between the loose-fitting sweater and tight dress. 230.00

This romper is beautiful! For those who thought the romper/jumpsuit trend was dying out, you have not seen this one before. The long, airy sleeves flow out behind you in the wind, giving you an effortlessly goddess-like look. The best part? Just slip it on, add some heels and a necklace, and you’ll instantly look high fashion! Tip: Since it is so loose-fitting, you might want to cinch it with a thin leather belt. 293.00.

We thought we would never see a drop-waist halter dress again. WAY too Juicy Couture-french-terry-bikini-cover up. However, this dress completely changed our thoughts. It somehow manages to look bohemian, sophisticated, tribal, preppy, and summery all at the same time! Wear it over your bikini at the beach, or with platform gladiators and a high wavy ponytail for going out. We predict that we’ll be seeing this adorable dress a LOT this spring and summer. 79.00.

That’s all for now. What are your favorite items? We’d love to hear. Comment below and let us know.




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