Marc Jacobs Equals You

Hello, fashionistas.

I have two bold, luxurious, tempting words for you: Marc Jacobs. Heard of that? Thought so. Now, obviously some people cannot afford his line, but why not try to be as fashionable as you can be? Why wouldn’t you want to look styling for lower prices? Well, this post is going to be about imitating this fabulous look. Just take pieces of everyday clothing and try to mix ’em up. Trial and error.

Here are some examples (this picture is from:,r:14,s:15&biw=1024&bih=631):

These look are way adorable and so doable! Watch what I can do for you (these pictures are from
First, a cute pair of black leggings.
Then, put on some rocker-chic black boots.
Next, for a cute slouchy sweater.
Now, to add some flare to this little piece, you are going to need to do some major accessorizing, honey.  You need some big, bold jewelry. Like these from
View Product View Product View Product
Finally, the last touch, a cute,unique and elegant hat.
View Product
Vuala! An adorable Marc Jacobs based outfit!

That’s all for now. If you have any requests, comments, concerns, etc. then email us at Follow us on Twitter:

Mwah love you all!

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