Update & Coco Avant Chanel

Hey everybody,

Sorry we’ve been MIA lately. Both of us have been very busy, and there has been a lot going on. We will try to be more on top of things now.

There are a couple of new things going on. First of all, we will no longer be writing every post together. For example, I (Sara) am writing this post by myself, but in a few days, Remi will write a post, and so on. We will still write some posts together, but Remi and I both decided that it would be easier to stay on top of this if we did some separate posts.

Another thing is, we will be starting to have contests soon. However, we will need at least 50 people to enter a contest in order for there to be a winner. So, if we have a contest and only 20 people enter before the deadline, then no one will win and we will give away the prize in another contest. Make sure to keep on checking back to see if our contest is up, and if it is, then don’t forget to enter and tell your friends to enter, too.

Finally, we will be starting to make videos. We would love to be able to do makeup tutorials and stuff like that, but it is hard to do those in writing. Keep checking the video section to see if we put one up.

Okay, so onto the actual fashion part of this post. I have just recently seen the movie Coco Avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel) and if you haven’t seen it, then go out right know and buy  it because it is amazing! The girl who plays Coco Chanel is absolutely gorgeous, and the clothes that she wore made me completely rethink fashion. All of the clothes are simple, solid-colored, and comfortable, but in a totally high-fashion way. The movie inspired me to try to find clothes like that that don’t cost, like, a thousand dollars. So I raked through Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 and found these adorable substitutes.

For some reason, the images from Forever 21 wouldn’t upload, so you can just copy and paste the links below to see the stuff I picked.

The first thing is a gray cuffed oversized blazer.


The next shirt is a white button-down collared shirt with beads down the front.


The next thing is a tweed miniskirt.


The next couple of items are from Urban Oufitters.

See? You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy Chanel’s sweet, simplistic style.

That’s all for now. Got any comments/suggestions? Email us at remijanestyle@gmail.com. Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/remijanestyle.




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