All About Nails

Hello, fashionistas.

This post is all about nails. What nail colors you should be wearing, what shape you should file them into, and even the decors you can put on them. This post is ALL ABOUT NAILS! We will be updating this every season. all pictures from

Colors Fall is such a wonderful time of year in he style world. Cute dresses, fabulous coats, and great colors. But our nails can’t be bright anymore, sorry!! Yes, yes we know “but bright is so cool!” It is true, but not for fall…

Try the following:

In Stiches               Limited Addiction    Little Brown Dress   Merino Cool
Velvet Voyer
These hip colors are totally now and totally in! They all represent fall, and they have that its-time-to-be-sophisticated-without-trying-look, that everyone wants. If you don’t like those, then try something else. It doesn’t HAVE to be Essie, that is just what we put up. Basically, what we are trying to say is that you should be painting your nails Fall colors. Like: Dark red, Maroon, Dark Green, Browns, Blacks, Deep Purples, Navy Blues, and anything else you can thing of that may relate to fall.
Shape This season the new style to file your nails in is round. When you round your nails, you get a cleaner look that people want to look at. Squaring your nails makes them look unfiled and pointy. Also, you can scratch someone very easily and no one wants to be around someone that keeps hurting them. Right?
Decor We personally do not put decors on our nails, but if you do then here are some tips. Not too much! Putting too much decoration will take away from the elegance of the nail color. Also, glitter?  CHEESY! Like is that really necessary? Just a simple flower or a rhinestone would be nice, don’t over do it… really, that is just a waste of money.
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