Hello, fashionistas.

For all fashion lovers out there, Halloween is the best holiday ever. You get to use your natural creative abilities to create the most amazing, jaw-dropping, totally unique costume. This year is all about trying new things: no more devils or cowgirls, please. Also, store-bought costumes are totally overrated. They are expensive, slutty (most of the time), and unoriginal. When you make your own costume, it guaranties that that no one else will look like you. Here are some of our costume suggestions.

You can buy separate costume pieces at American Apparel or Urban Outfitters. If you look around a little bit, you might just find a costume piece that inspires you for your costume.

The below piece is from urban outfitters (28.00). They are chain suspender tights, and they could go perfectly with, say, a dead maid costume or a 1800’s girl or something like that. Remember, when you are thinking of costume ideas, no idea is stupid.

The below mask is also from urban outfitters (18.00). It would go great with a bird costume, or a masquerade-themed costume.

These adorable leopard-print false eyelashes are the perfect addition to, of course, a leopard costume! Urban outfitters, 10.00.

Here is a list of more ideas:

Cupcake, dead ballerina, jellyfish (take a clear umbrella and hang string down from it), dragonfly, romeo & juliet, marilyn monroe, audrey hepburn, barbie dolls, dead homecoming queen, egyptian princess, flower, grapes, jester, mermaid, girl scout, ballerina, puppet and master, roller girl, sun and moon, 80’s girl, avatar, a fox, a wolf, a bird, dead french maid, flower, snow white/beauty and the beast/cinderella/ariel and other disney princesses, legally blonde, caveman/women, babydoll, 24k gold (dress all in gold, gold makeup, gold lips, glitter dusted hair, etc.), Alice in Wonderland, tinkerbell/other fairies, rapunzel.

If you think of any more costumes, comment below to share them with the rest of our viewers.

That’s all for now. Got any suggestions or comments? Email us at remijanestyle@gmail.com. Follow us on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RemiJaneStyle.

Au Revoir,



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