Bad News…You Can Help (kinda pathetic)

Hello, fashionistas.

We have some bad news. Lately, we have not been getting many viewers and that makes us very upset. Right now our site is still making its way to glamorousness, but as you can see we can’t reach glamorousness without a little bit of people to recognize it! Right? We need you (our fabulous viewers) to keep checking on our site, tell people about it, and comment on what you think we can do to improve it. Please we need your help.

Obviously you have a life (duh!) and that’s fine, just make sure that maybe every other day (if your cool like that) or just twice a week you check up on the blog. See what’s new, comment, and tell us what you think. We need more viewers. The more viewers we have, the better the site will get. We have so much in store for you guys (contests, videos, and more!) and we would love it if you would just support us. Please tell your friends about it because that would make you an amazing person! Like AMAZING!!!

Also, if you’re having a really suckish day and like you just need to let it out. Email us and tell us about it, the emails can be anonymous, don’t worry. Remember we are your friends (cheesy but WHATEVAAA), we love youuuu…mwaaa!!

That’s it for now. Got any suggestions/feedback? Email us at Follow us on Twitter:

Au revior,



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One Response to Bad News…You Can Help (kinda pathetic)


    hey remzy and sara this goes out mostly 2 remi U SPELLED MWAH WRONG HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAV 2 GO OVER THIS ❤


    the greatest child alive

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