Forever 21 Faux for Fall Review

Hello, fashionistas.

Forever 21 has recently released a lot of new items in the theme Faux for Fall. It is filled with dark colors, leather, faux fur, and lace. Here we will show you the absolute best items in the line.

First, we have this adorable woven jacket. It costs 29.80.

Next we have a black crinkled leather jacket. Priced at 37.00, this jacket encompasses the adorable, extremely In rocker-chic trend.

This incredibly chic black iridescent top looks great paired with shorts and tights, skinny jeans and combats, or leather shorts on a warmer day as it shows in the picture. 22.80.

Okay, so we know that we said white was Out. However, this top is an exception. It looks amazing by itself with skinny jeans, or with a belt and a black or navy blazer. It costs 17.80.

This zippered dress is absolutely amazing. It looks like something you would get BCBG, but it only costs 24.80.

That’s it for now. Got any suggestions/feedback? Email us at Follow us on Twitter:

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