Falling in Love with Makeup

Hello, fashionistas.

It’s makeup time! We have shown you the best clothes and accessories for fall. Now, how should you do your makeup?

First of all, smoky eyes are absolutely and completely in. You can make yours really dark like the way Taylor Momsen wears hers:

To get this totally hot rocker-chic eyeshadow look, start by taking a dark brown eyeshadow. A good color to use is MAC’s Handwritten.

Apply it to your eyelid, starting on the inner corner then moving to the outer corner and going up a little bit past your crease. Then, apply it below your bottom lash line for about a quarter of an inch. Do it lightly and build it up darker so that if you mess up the line at the beginning, it’s not a big deal.

Next, take a black eyeshadow like Carbon by MAC.

Put this color over the brown eyeshadow on your eyelid, but only go up to your crease. Only the dark brown eyeshadow should go beyond the crease. Oh, and just in case you don’t know, the crease is the fold in your eye where your eyeball ends. Apply the eyeshadow lightly and build it up to your desired strength. If you want to add a little bit more of an oomph, you can move the black eyeshadow beyond the side of your eye to give it a little bit of a winged look.

Finish this whole makeup look with a thick layer of black eyeliner on both your top and your bottom eyelash line, 2 coats of black mascara, a little pink blush, and some lip gloss.

If you don’t want your smokey eye to be that dark, then don’t put the black eyeshadow below your eye and don’t make it go as high up on the top. It will end up looking something like Keira Knightley’s:

The next hot fall trend is dark red lips. So many celebs rock this look, and it always manages to look sophisticated and gorgeous. However, if you wear red lips, always wear lip gloss on top. Nothing looks worse than red lipstick sinking into your cracked, dry lips, especially in the cold months that are creeping up on us. Or, if you don’t like the glossy look, put a thick coat of lip balm both beneath the lipstick and on top of it. Here are two of the celebrities that wear it best: Jessica Alba and Penelope Cruz.

The next fall makeup trend is absolutely anything by Urban Decay Cosmetics. Lately, we’ve been seeing almost everybody carrying around there adorably packaged Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes and sporting UD’s signature shimmery eyeshadow look. Here are our favorite Urban Decay Items. You can buy them all at sephora.com.

First of all is there Black Palette (36.00)

The next thing is their Book of Shadows Volume III. Urban Decay comes out with these every now and then, and they are limited edition, so hurry up and get one! 54.00.

The final trend that we will be talking about is highlighter. Highlighter is a shimmery, pearlescent blush that you put on your cheekbones to give your face a gorgeous glow. Our favorite highlighters are from Nars Cosmetics (www.narscosmetics.com).

The first one is their highlighting blush, Albatross (26.00)

The next highlighter is their The Multiple cream blush in Copacabana.

That’s all for now. Check back soon for posts on Halloween, nail polish, and the best celebrity outfits so far (AKA: The Celeb Style Hall of Fame.)

Got any comments/suggestions? Email us at remijanestyle@gmail.com. Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/RemiJaneStyle.

Au Revoir,



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