Accessorizing for your Fall Wardrobe

Hello, fashionistas.

So you have your fall wardrobe all set. Now, how do you accessorize? This fall, we are forecasting lots and lots of rings, as well as really long necklaces with clusters of charms on the end. We are also predicting the comeback of chandelier earrings, those adorable scarves that wrap fully around your neck, and beanie hats. And, of course, lots and lots of high socks/tights.

Below you can see our favorite pieces (all from Urban Outfitters, of course!)

As you can see, the accessories are as bold as they are beautiful. This fall is all about dressing up solid-colored clothing pieces with lots and lots of accessories to make the outfit look chic and sophisticated. Below is an ideal outfit for fall (including accessories!) that we have put together.

First, the shirt is a white button-down shirt with black trim. It costs 29.oo. Ignore the skirt: we’re not going to use that.

Tuck the above shirt into these high-rise jeans (58.00)

Add the below blazer on top of this shirt. 68.00.

Tuck the jeans into a pair of riding boots. This pair costs 98.00.

For accessories, wear these earrings (24.00)

As well as this watch (38.00)

That’s it for now. Got any questions/suggestions? Email us at Follow us on Twitter: Don’t forget to check back here every few days for new posts, photos, and videos.

Au Revoir,



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  1. naomi says:

    hi. its naomi. i suggest adding the brand names to your posts

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