Welcome to Our World

Hello, fashionistas. We are RemiJane. Welcome to our world.

Here, you can find out the latest fashion trends, as well as great stores, what’s in and what’s out, and what’s new on the runway. Whether you’re a total beginner, or a DTB (designer to be), there will be something great for you. This is us:


See? Pure fashion.

Our posts will range from Outfit of the Week to The Perfect Smoky Eye, and just about everything in between.

Got suggestions or feedback? Email us at remijanefashion@gmail.com. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RemiJaneStyle.

That’s about it. Au revoir,



About Remi Jane Luzuriaga-Schwartz

Your inside scoop on all things fashion.
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2 Responses to Welcome to Our World

  1. Zoe Grossinger says:

    I personally LOVE this blog! it is sooo helpful for living life! fashion is very improtant and this expresses my feelings of life! Bravo.

  2. matayia says:

    I love this website keep up the awesome work!!!!….. I feel compelled to buy high wasted pants, shorts and skirts!!!

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